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Track Days at Snetterton

Track Days at Snetterton


This man is driving a Ford. The chances are you have a better video. If so please send it to the Track Day Drivers office.




The Snetterton circuit is a fast and flowing example, requiring a brave, yet precise track day driver. Russell and Sear corners are the most important to obtain a good lap time, as they are both followed by long straights.

The Snetterton track is just under 2 miles in length, being made up of 6 right hand and only 2 left hand bends. Average speeds are usually high at Snetterton, with most track day drivers maxing out their vehicles.

Many of the UK’s top racing series run at Snetterton, including British Touring Cars, British F3 and British Superbikes - making it more than suitable for track day use.

HISTORY: The Snetterton circuit was originally an RAF base used by the US Air Force, finally closing in 1948. Recently the MSV group, headed by Jonathan Palmer, bought Snetterton with plans to extend the track. The circuit is currently used for a vast range of corporate days, race meetings and track days.

SUMMARY: Snetterton may be a long way from most places, but a track day is the perfect excuse. Drivers like the fast and flowing layout, making Snett’ a much loved circuit.


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